Every song on this CD ( What If This Is All There Is, 2019) is stunning songwriting and absolutely everyone‘s collection needs to have it. I am so proud to say that Rj Cowdery is a Kerrville New Folk Award Winner. ”

— Dalis Allen, Producer Kerrville Folk Festival

There is no possible way to listen to Rj Cowdery’s music and not feel deeply. The tone of her voice, the clarity of her guitar and spot on emotive lyrics plumb the depths of human hope and struggle.  These are not just songs, they are arrows shot directly to center of the heart. ”

— Joe Crookston

Rj Cowdery struck me like lightening when I first encountered her at the Kerrville Folk Festival. Unassuming, honest, deeply emotional, self-deprecatingly charming and funny.” ”

— Amy Speace

Rj Cowdery is one of the most compelling writers i've run across so far this century...though her songs bear her unmistakable stamp, they are so well conceived that you could swear you've heard them before, sung by a folk legend in Kerrville or at a writer's circle at The Bluebird."”

— Don Dixon

RJ Cowdery has one of my all-time favorite voices! It wraps around you like a warm honey blanket, and then her deep and truthful songs take you on an unforgettable ride from laughter to tears.”

— Beth Wood


 "Rj plays a clean guitar, flat picking or strumming and stringing chords together to build melodies built like a proverbial brick house and pours over it all with a voice like butter. Her lyrics are sincere and plainspoken, as one might expect from someone who grew up in small town Ohio."  
Vancouver Island Music Festival 

“Every Rj Cowdery song is a quiet thrill-a shotgun seat on a ride of the heart. I am so impressed by her unfiltered emotion, set in haunting lines of melody and guitar craft.  She’s rare, and I’m proud of this album we made.”  Billy Crockett, Producer

“Well-crafted songs, a natural yet confident stage presence, and a beautiful voice that perfectly complements her guitar playing."                
Gar Ragland, Director of Mountain Stage NewSong Festival

“Gentle without having to prove anything. No pushing, no forced emotion, just an honesty that leads to genuine songwriting and playing.”
David Austin Sky, Six String Concerts Volunteer

“Rj Cowdery’s music and lyrics bring you into her life story and as you listen you find yourself asking, “How’d she know that about me?” You’ll welcome her into your living room as an old friend.”  
Sue and Bruce Andrews, Cot and Crackers House Concerts